Friday, May 22, 2009

primal scream

I started this second blog in June 2008-with the thought that I could write a little more freely-and have it not be quiet so obvious to family and friends. I did not use it as I inteneded because anyone with a little skill could easily find this blog, but my immediate family does not spend that much time looking for things they don't know exist. I'm not sure if I'm just older and care less, (because admittedly in the top of my thoughts right now is f*ck it, I want to write.) or that I have a need that is so deep seated to just able express myself, in a place where I can just let it out, let it hang in the air and expect nothing more than that.

So here is the deal-I'm going to write much more openly, its not going to be as nice, or as guarded-I apologize now to anyone that I might be writing about- because I love you all I put everything into our relationships-and I need balance too. This is not going to be a mommy blog although I will discuss mommy topics-It's not going to be my place to put cute pictures of my kids, or write funny stories, that will be my mommy blog. Here I want to tackle the things that sit on my soul and go nowhere, for fear of saying out loud what I think and running the risk of hurting someone, I think this for me is a primal scream-not an angry one, but a needed one.

I'm heading out to pick up my son now-but stay tuned-I have something sitting in my mind that needs expressing!

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